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I spent my childhood growing up in the countryside around horses on a farm in Hertfordshire where, by the time I was 6 I was lucky enough to have my best friends father put me on anything he picked up at the market . By the age of 7 my parents bought me my own pony Coco a 12.2 Welsh x Arab who I taught a number of tricks and by the time I was 12, I was riding anything I could get my hands on and backing ponies my friends father brought direct from the moors.  It was also at this time that I was fortunate enough to meet friends with a point to point yard where I was introduced to what would be the love of my life - the thoroughbred.


Apart from a break when I had my children, I have been riding ever since and at only 8 stone, am able to produce ponies for the younger clients.


I believe passionately that every rider should enjoy their riding, but know too well the number of people for whom it becomes a chore because of a mis-match or behavioural problem - I know the agony such situations cause to both the horse and  owner - this was the catalyst which drove me to specialise in equine behaviour.

Now aged 54, as a qualified and registered Equine Behavioural Consultant who studied under the watchful eye of Dr Debbie Marsdon Bsc, PhD, who is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading experts in her field, I run a small livery yard alongside my Behavioural Consultancy Business and still manage to find the time to compete on my home produced horses.


I have no ambitions to conquer the world, keeping it simple by competing locally at Cross Country, Team Chasing, Hunter Trials and British Eventing Grass Roots. Moving up the ranks is a little late for me now but I get immense pleasure in everything that my horses and I do and isn't that what riding at any level is all about?.



Kay Willoughby SEBC PTC

Registered Equine Behaviour Consultant


Telephone: 07734 927932





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