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Choosing your  new horse or pony can be a difficult and time consuming business filled with pitfalls and problems.  


Many people that I meet in the course of business I do so because they simply failed to ask all the right questions being swept away by the excitement of the moment.  Others sadly because the seller has been less than truthful.


 If you want impartial advice before making the final decision or simply want help in finding the perfect equine partner give me a call.






This beautiful pony was sourced by Calm and Collected after the previous pony they purchased turned out to be not as described. This young jockey's confidence and ability improves every day and the icing on the cake is the ribbons that are just rolling in - smiles all round for this perfect partnership..


Kay Willoughby SEBC PTC

Registered Equine Behaviour Consultant


Telephone: 07734 927932





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