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Training horses is not about strength of body, more a matter of strength of mind and consistent clear instructions in a language that your horse can understand. A point I proved many years ago when my 15 year old daughter, with me on the sidelines, successfully backed and trained her young and wilful Arabian.


Calm & Collected represents our approach to producing genuine horses, who with the right training have the confidence, willingness and ability to progress in a chosen sphere. It also describes the way in which horses can be trained or retrained using Classical Conditioning, Counter Conditioning, Systematic Desentisation, Shaping and Overlearning without fear or intimidation.


Whether you need your youngster starting, horse re-schooling or simply require assistance and guidance to do it yourself, we are committed to helping you make it happen.

Pearl with her owner at her first BE Event


Kay Willoughby SEBC PTC

Registered Equine Behaviour Consultant


Telephone: 07734 927932





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