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Like people, horses vary in their abilities and athleticism, their levels of patience, their desire to climb the social ladder within their group, their length of attention span and their ability to learn!.


Many horses are seen to fail their owners, sadly and more often than not, because they do not understand the question being asked of them.


Unfortunately for many horses, their inability to understand what we want them to do, is often treated as disobedience but the fact is they do not speak English, nor do they possess the ability to learn it. In order for a horse to tell you anything it has only body language to inform you and if the first signs the horse provides us with are not understood, then the only way the horse can let us know is to keep telling us in a stronger way!


We on the other hand do have the ability and scientific knowledge to understand their language and it is based upon this theory, which I studied under Dr Debbie Marsden BSc,PhD BHSPTC (Regd) an Internationally recognised expert in this field, that our approach and success is based.


Whether you need help with a naughty horse or simply require assistance and guidance to do it yourself, we are committed to helping you make it happen.


We use a combination of natural and traditional methods to backing and retraining of horses in a language they understand where they can progress at a pace that never over-faces or frightens them.


Following our visit , history taking and video recording, we will tell you all the facts about your relationship with your horse and identify the cause of the behavioral problem, the detail of which may well surprise you. We will then provide you with an individually written programme to work through and the assurance that if you follow the programme in detail IT WILL WORK! For that reason there are no additional hidden costs and in the event you require assistance along the way you can telephone at any time.


However, if after discussions it is agreed that your time, knowledge or facilities prohibit the retraining required on site, we can provide you with assisted training or an in-house service to get you started and will provide you with an honest opinion and a realistic time-scale together with the costs involved.


Finally, if you are one of life's happy hackers, stop apologising - no horse that is loved and enjoyed is ever wasted – if they bring joy into your life then their purpose is unquestionably worthwhile .


Kay Willoughby SEBC PTC

Registered Equine Behaviour Consultant


Telephone: 07734 927932





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